Why do I need an Impartial Mortgage Broker?

Why do I need an Impartial Mortgage Broker?

With thousands of different mortgage products currently on offer, and constant changes often with very little notice, it is difficult for consumers to assess which one is most suitable. Today’s technology has obviously reduced the time involved but in our experience most people want to deal with a person rather than search the internet.

Taking out a mortgage is often the biggest financial decision people make in their entire lives.

With access to lenders across the market and with access to a range of exclusive deals not available on the high street, Goldsmith Mortgage Services can, and will, put together the most appropriate package to suit your needs and preferences. Our knowledge and lender relationships enable us to package your mortgage application in exactly the right way to minimise timescales and maximise client benefits.

Often the circumstances surrounding the application mean that the high street banks are not set up to deal with the applications. This could be due to recent self employment, working as a contractor, having started a new job, income from unusual sources or any number of factors. We are here to help with unusual circumstances.

High street banks will offer you products from their own ranges only. The only way to be sure you are getting the most appropriate products available is to see an impartial mortgage broker.