Secured Loan

Secured Loan*

Secured Loan Broker

This is a loan secured against your property and you must be a homeowner to be considered. Second Charge Secured Loans provide options where refinancing of existing mortgage may be financially prohibitive, where further advances are not possible or where additional borrowing is required without extended tie in periods.

With access to specialist second charge secured loans we are able to source the market to find the best solution for your requirements.

Secured loans can be used for many different reasons:

  • To consolidate debts, store cards, credit cards or other loans
  • To gain control by putting all borrowing into an affordable monthly payment
  • To pay for a major purchase or home improvement
  • To allow further borrowing without losing a low rate with current provider
  • To avoid paying Early Repayment Charges/Fees

What’s available:

  • Adverse credit may be acceptable
  • 5 – 40 year terms available
  • Loans from £3,000 to £90,000
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No upfront fees
  • No early repayment charges
  • Funds available quickly
* Some of these products are not regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority

The overall cost for comparison is 11.7% APR.
The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances.
Ask for a personalised illustration.